The idea of work for those around us has come to me since 2015. That day I was looking for a job for my own needs and learned many lessons from it. I first went to the Gulf in 2015. That too to Saudi. What I had in my hand that day was a profession and a few local experience. At that time I did not go to Saudi on any company’s Visa.

The first Gulf life was in Free Visa where we could change sponsorship. So the first step is to find a job. At first I sat there and sent CV to many companies, just as people are sitting in the country now. We did not get any particular response as we expected.

Many sites were checked. There are a lot of opportunities. But we just don’t get it. So I decided, we were not going to get a chance soon because we sat like this and sent CV. One decided to go down and look. I do not know the language, I do not know the country, no car. Still, each company got on and off in the available cars and buses.

 It felt like a good experience to me from the beginning. Because I was able to see many companies and get to know the people there. Although there are no vacancies in some companies, there are indications that there is a possibility in many places they know.

 It gave me a bad positive energy. Not only that, we also know that there are vacancies in some of the companies we go to in some of our other sections. When I was in the room at night, I was talking to friends about what was going on every day. The vacancy information I mentioned among my friends that day began to benefit many. There were people around us looking for work like me.

I also went to a company to look into the matter for a vacancy. I was happy to know that there is an opportunity, even though the salary is not as big as I thought. The cost of living will not be difficult. So I got to work and found out that many companies in many companies have a lot of opportunities as we came to work. I shared that information with my friends and told many to the group of friends. 

Few people also knew it was useful. Later, a small message began to come to us as to whether any vacancies had come to us, because as I went in search of each job, I realized that there were other opportunities to say that many people began to use it. During this time I was able to move on to a good job. There were job inquiries at the time. The number of job seekers also increased. We, who are looking for a job, formed a group and shared the vacancies we knew. That was the beginning of the job updates. Later, he was able to establish good relations as officers in many companies. It was able to deliver jobs to many. Starting in a small way, today it is associated with a lot of companies and a lot of opportunities can be given to many. is a professional job posting platform. We will only give you with interesting information that you will thoroughly enjoy. We are committed to giving you with the best job updates, with an emphasis on dependability, and finding out the latest positions. We’re aiming to turn our enthusiasm for job postings into a thriving internet website. We hope you enjoy our employment updates as much as we enjoy sharing them with you. I will continue to post more relevant stuff on my website for all of you. Please provide your support and love.

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